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Capital Investment Group´s vision is an offering to the market that is transparent, fair and rewarding. With an agile attitude we will move with the stream and adapt to the needs and always be in sync. It is paramount at all times being objective and understand the needs and changes in the market with an open minded attitude towards new impressions and regulations.

Our Services

Client offering

We are confident that each client has
the power to achieve their
investment goals with the tools we
provide together with professional
advice from their Financial Advisers.
Thus, we measure our success by our
clients’ success.

Financial adviser

We believe in a truly customised
portfolio in regards to investments
and policy structure. This all in one
product – the Privledge Investment Bond (PIB).

Our views

Our aim is to be the
best caretaker, guardian, keeper and 
protector for our Policyholders,
Shareholders, Employees and
Officers. We are well informed. More
importantly, so are our decisions.


Who are we?

Capital Investment Group aims to provide superior long-term investment performance and a broad range of products to suit complex investment needs.


So, whatever your investment needs, managing a sophisticated portfolio or simply saving for the future – you will find solutions here.